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If you started your business from the ground up and jumped straight into managing everything with little to no support, you may not have had the luxury—or need—to focus on operations.

But as your business grows, you’re likely to uncover operational gaps that hinder productivity and growth. Working with a creative operations specialist will help you identify and address those gaps.

Our goal is to help build or improve the operational foundation of your creative team to allow for increased efficiency, smoother workflows, more timely project delivery, and improved team and client satisfaction.

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Investment $397

For those who want an action plan for optimizing systems (new or existing)

With a systems audit, we’ll take a deep dive into your primary workflows and formulate a clear action plan for systems implementation.

You and your team can implement as soon as you’re ready.

The Systems Audit includes:

  • 90 minute video conference call with me and your key team members
  • Detailed action plan for implementation by you and your team
  • 2 weeks of support from me through Slack


For those who want a done-for-you systems implementation. Great for agencies of any size.

Individual services focused on implementing solutions to address the gaps we uncover in your assessment so you can start getting your ops in order.

Ideal for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs who need a basic setup to start managing projects more efficiently.

Organize Your Projects
Basic ClickUp account setup and customization


    • Initial consultation to understand business needs and workflow
    • Creation of up to 3 Spaces based on business divisions or project types.
    • Configuration of standard task lists and task statuses.
    • Basic integration with up to 3 third-party tools or apps.
    • 1-hour training session for the team.

Investment: $500

Perfect for medium-sized businesses or those with more complex project needs. This package focuses on a deeper integration of ClickUp within your business operations.

Services Included:

  • Comprehensive business workflow assessment.
  • Advanced ClickUp account setup and detailed customization.
  • Creation of multiple Spaces based on all identified business needs.
  • SOP Creation
  • Advanced task and sub-task structuring, custom views, and dashboard setup.
  • Integration with up to 5 third-party tools or apps, including automation setup.
  • Time tracking setup and integration.
  • 3-hour training session, broken down into introductory and advanced usage.

Investment: $1,500

Our CEO Systems Package is a chaos-calmer, an efficiency enhancer, and your very own virtual lifeboat in the tumultuous sea of business management. No longer will your business be in reactive mode, but instead, you will be prepared, proactive, and poised for success.

This package transforms your business into a well-oiled machine by centralizing and organizing three essential elements:

  1. Project Management Tool (ClickUp) : Say goodbye to disorganized tasks and projects. We set up a virtual office for you, organize one project, provide three ready-to-use templates, and define five daily tasks to streamline your workday.
  2. File Storage System (Google or Microsoft): Misplaced files will be a thing of the past. We organize your digital chaos by systematizing up to 500 files in a secure and easy-to-access storage system.
  3.  CRM Tool (HubSpot or Dubsado): Say hello to clean, consolidated, and convenient client data. Our CRM setup will ensure all your customer information is just a few clicks away, making your interactions more personalized and efficient.

Investment: $6,000



You bring your big-picture vision and I’ll bring the strategic solutions on how to optimize & grow your business!

If your business is in the 6 or 7 figure zone and you’re looking for a strategic partner to streamline your operations, manage your team, and help you get back to doing the things you love–you’re in the right place!Within this monthly partnership, I create a customized package to meet you exactly where you are.

Services may include:

  • Project & Launch Management
  • Team Management 
  • Hiring Support
  • Systems analysis, setup, and improvement
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Creation / Maintenance
  • Strategic Planning & Decision Making Support
  • Implementation of marketing plan
  • KPI / Metrics Tracking & Analysis
  • and more!

* 3-month commitment for new clients